The first GreenroomVoice Showcase at Performance Days in November 2022

Since many years we are actively involved at the PERFORMANCE DAYS trade show, which is known as the most relevant event in performance textiles sourcing.

In the November edition (3. & 4. 11.2022) we will create our first GRV showcase at PERFORMANCE DAYS that presents best practice around Climate Action and Traceability and Transparency of suppliers and service providers. This is a great opportunity to communicate the benefits of those key players to visiting brands, designers and agents.

If you are interested in participating, please get in touch and apply here.

In order to engage and spark the interest of our visitors, we will organise a few fun and interactive workshops and activities around climate action. More information on the subject will follow in due time.

“It is said that the design & development team decisions for new garments will influence 80% of the footprints; thus the Ingredient Sourcing show dedicated to this around Performance fabrics takes on a whole responsibility.

3 things to look out for:

the Fabric Forum where around 1000 fabric samples are whittled down to 20 or so winners in each category, ranging from base-layers to 3 layer outers (via a host of different groupings like soft-shells & AthLeisure, even the trims & accessories);

the Presentation Stage which offers a succession of live subjects discussed & debated;

plus the curated set of exhibitors. The latter is the biggest distraction as every producer can both show what is current in production terms, but also discuss what future improvements could be accommodated. All under the umbrella of materials that have better environmental practice.

Performance Days offers the chance to be part of this conversation.”

Charles Ross, Performance Sportswear Design subject leader at the Royal College of Art

Sustain and Innovate Conference

The upcoming sustain & innovate conference (November 4th) together with SPORTS FASHION by SAZ is dedicated to Circularity and the European Green Deal. Many questions will be answered by experts to help clarify the position of the textile industry in a fast-changing legislative landscape.

Focus Topic November 2022: The Journey to Carbon Neutrality – Time to Score

In the April Edition, PERFORMANCE DAYS took their first steps on the Journey to Carbon Neutrality and paid special attention to technologies, which were effectively reducing CO2 emissions. The result was hopeful, as there are already many great solutions available on the market.

However, to make the right choices for more sustainable products, the decision makers need to know the hard facts! It is crucial to quantify the amount of CO2 that is emitted during the production process. This data will provide transparency and ideally comparability. This season, PERFORMANCE DAYS will show the measured CO2 emissions of products in the Focus Topic category.

The extra theme of the Season: Circularity

Due to the current urgency and the recently announced EU Strategy for Sustainable and Circular Textiles there will be a particular focus on circular materials. According to the European Green Deal and the Circular Economy Action Plan, textiles are identified as a priority sector in which the EU can pave the way towards a carbon neutral and circular economy as soon as possible. The industry will need to integrate circularity principles in the design of their products and business models, in order to minimise the environmental footprint. This becomes of upmost importance for each producer/supplier selling within the EU market. In order to support this movement, Performance Days will particularly highlight circular products in the November 2022 edition.