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With the label “A Greener Choice”, Globetrotter is aiming to inspire customers to make preferred purchasing decisions and lead a more sustainable lifestyle. The label identifies product alternatives from the Globetrotter range that meet certain above-average sustainability criteria compared to other products in their category. There are now around 2000 outdoor products labeled “A Greener Choice” as sustainable pioneers.

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"A Greener Choice" and not "A Green Choice"?

The “A Greener Choice” label highlights apparel, footwear and gear that offers a more sustainable alternative to other products in the Globetrotter range. This doesn’t mean that each product is 100 percent sustainable – but that it is one of the best alternatives currently available. A rain jacket for example: There is no completely sustainable new rain jacket available because of the energy intensive production process, and the amounts of the water and raw materials involved in the manufacturing process. However, in the production of an outdoor jacket that has the “A Greener Choice” label, certain chemicals such as PFCs were excluded and more comprehensive social standards were observed. Perhaps the manufacturer is also working on reducing its CO2 emissions during production or is producing ‘more locally’ in the EU. Therefore, associated with higher social and environmental standards and less transportation emissions. With the “A Greener Choice” label, Globetrotter hopes to encourage brands to continue on the (sometimes rocky) path towards informed purchasing choices and “better” products. Sustainability is a journey and a guiding principle with a commitment to continuous improvement.

Is a general supplier agreement (code of conduct) not enough to ensure a more sustainable practice in product manufacturing?

For the brands in the Globetrotter assortment a Code of Conduct is applicable. This includes, for example, compliance with human and labor rights, environmental protection, and the fight against all forms of forced, criminal and child labor. The Code of Conduct alone is an important tool used to accomplish more sustainable manufacturing. Products that are awarded with “A Greener Choice” are superior in terms of sustainability requirements and meet numerous criteria beyond minimum standards – more sustainable chemical management, the use of natural and recycled materials or fair working conditions are some examples. In addition, “A Greener Choice” defines ten no-go criteria; if even one of these criteria applies to the product, it is disqualified for the label.

The criteria for “A Greener Choice” are constantly being adjusted

Many manufacturers have developed more environmentally friendly methods and improved their processes in recent years. In order to encourage continuous improvement in development of sustainability standards and continue to honor the pioneers in the industry, Globetrotter is constantly developing the criteria for “A Greener Choice”. The requirements are checked and adjusted after every season with the aim of only awarding the label to the absolute best products. A good example is the renouncement of PFC “PFC- Verzicht”: When the label was introduced, the renouncement of this substance was rewarded with one point – today the use of PFC is a clear no-go criterion. Currently, ” A Greener Choice” represents the one of the most comprehensive systems to evaluate outdoor products on the European market.

The path to “A Greener Choice”

Participation is very simple: suppliers of the Frilufts Retail Group, to which Globetrotter belongs, can contact Globetrotter for the seasonal evaluation of their listed products or will be asked by Globetrotter to submit them.

For new suppliers, the full evaluation process is explained in detail in a preliminary discussion. All relevant topics are discussed and the sustainable potential of the products in supplier’s portfolio are determined together. The supplier then fills out a form, submitting a self-assessment at product level according to the “Greener Choice” criteria, a rather straight forward process.

Raw-material choice is relevant to ingredients or equipment criteria, which can be a cause for exclusion from the “A Greener Choice” label – as well as disposable items if questionable.

The use of critical materials such as cotton or wool from certain countries of origin, which are associated with forced labor or in which animal welfare is disrespected, is a means for exclusion in the Code of Conduct.

Social criteria also play an important role in the evaluation. Products that are manufactured in certain high-risk production countries are systematically excluded – for example a manufacturing country with a track record of high risk of corruption.

Points are awarded for the use of particularly sustainable materials, such as those of organic origin or recycled raw-material. Besides the transparency related to a product, there are also questions about the chemical substances used, as well as repairability and recyclability of the product.

Another criterion considered in this label is: dealing with the environmental impact of a given product, the willingness to get involved in projects for the common good or to compensate for the negative effects of a product. These factors also play decisive role in the labeling process. In the autumn-winter season, around 55 percent of the entire Globetrotter range was tested – for 17 percent received “A Greener Choice” label.

The advantage of being part of “A Greener Choice”

There are many good reasons to be part of “A Greener Choice”: The label is a benchmark in terms of sustainability. This makes the efforts and achievements towards more sustainable practices more visible to customers. “A Greener Choice” highlights products where ‘extra effort’ has been invested and increases the visibility of a brand as a pioneer. The label identifies more sustainable production standards not only at Globetrotter, but also at Naturkompaniet in Sweden and Norway, Partioaitta in Finland and Friluftsland in Denmark,and thus reaches a large number of geographically diverse customers. In addition to the innate success of receiving the label itself, each brand’s commitment to sustainability is highlighted through the sharing of this information across several sales markets therefore amplifying the value of this label. Products marked with the “A Greener Choice” label are in demand: In the last two years, sales of these products at Globetrotter have more than doubled!


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