Re:Down® is committed to delivering an alternative down product to the outdoor industry with clear sustainability advantages. Due to its unrivalled technical qualities, down is a very desirable material for use in outdoor products and in increasingly high demand. Recycled down helps to lighten the pressure on the production of virgin ...(find out more)


Sicomin is leading the bio-based movement in epoxy resins and investing considerable resources into providing 100% bio-based products. The GreenPoxy 56 is an epoxy resin with the highest bio-content available on the market today and it represent 50% of Sicomin’s production. All raw materials are sourced in Europe, which means ...(find out more)

Light My Fire

Light my Fire (LMF) is a passionate Swedish company, who manufacture camping cooking equipment and cutlery. In 2019 they made a huge commitment to sustainability by switching from crude oil based plastics to plastics made from biological and renewable resources, which are derived from agricultural waste, in all their products at ...(find out more)


Early Bird Skis

Like it’s founders, Early Bird Skis carry the values of sustainability in their core. Made of FSC certified wood and by using 100% natural flax fibres and bio-based epoxy, the scenario for a lower environmental impact and strong technical performance is optimised. Of course skis don’t biodegrade- ...(find out more)