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Be curious and make an educated choice!

Let’s be honest, true sustainability doesn’t exist in a world of consumption. But with every euro you spend, you have a choice to support those brands who are managing their impact and are trying to reduce it, treat people and animals respectfully and give you the opportunity to take good care of your products, so they can turn into long lasting treasures.

But how to recognizing brands that are only talking, from those who are also walking their talk? How to judge if the “thing” they are doing is actually a sensible thing to do? Best practice can have so many faces and whatever your personal values are, some specific actions might be more important to you then others.

We have developed a framework, to systematically ask the most important questions on business practice, commitment to sustainability and product design, provenance and certification.
We map out all actions within a context!

This way you can compare brands and products and make an educated choice that suits your own values, whatever is most important to you.

Our research is based on the information disclosed by the brand in a form of an interview and based on a depth of facts, which are verifiable today. We base our analyses on certification, choice of material, involvement in common welfare, official reporting, warranty and recycling, etc. (see the GRV Transparency Tool)
This makes the GRV Transparency Tool a handy tool to verify communication about sustainable development.

Please connect with us on facebook if you have any questions regarding sustainability in the outdoor industry and we will do our best to answer.

If you are a member of press or a retailer

You love innovation and you have a passion for positive action? You are passionate about sustainability in outdoor products? Your readers and customers demand more information on interesting brands with aspiring concepts?

If you find profound research and comparison between products time intensive and if you are confused about the ever changing landscape of certification and best practice, speak to us about analyzing sustainability practice on brand and product level to save time.

We are experts in synthesizing the most important facts about brands and products and can help you to efficiently educate your readers and customers.

Our journalistic background helps to know what your difficulties are dealing with deadlines and stumbling over the one question, that opens the space for about 100 more questions.

Cut down on research time, get an instant overview of what is most important and even get individual brand analysis in contacting us at

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