Building Trust and Transparency

GreenroomVoice is an independent third party organization for communication on sustainability practice. Our goal is to foster clear, meaningful and trustworthy communication about CSR brand activities and their products.

In order to create a level playing field wie believe that communication on sustainability and social responsibility needs to be fact based, fair to the consumer, transparent and not just another label but an explanation. This is what we do by creating sustainability profiles, showcases and educational material.

We are a team of experts with backgrounds in sustainability, science, responsible management, textile engineering, communication and journalism. We draw the most inspiration from the outdoor community, and that is where we are the most active.

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Communicate Sustainability with Us


We create profiles on environmental & social performance, building transparency for brands and world around them.


We promote sustainable outdoor brands at the most relevant trade shows.


We create thematic campaigns around social and environmental issues.

Proof Reading

We check and proof your sustainability communication.

A voice for a vision. Founded in 2012, GreenroomVoice is a unique platform to communicate about sustainability in the outdoor and board-sports industry. We are working continuously to build trust and transparency around innovations and business practice by the most progressive brands in the industry. 100% independent, GreenroomVoice helps brands to communicate on sustainability. In the past six years GreenroomVoice has evaluated more than 200 products for more than 60 brands. Read More…

At GreenroomVoice we are creating bridges of information about sustainability between brands, the media, retailers and finally the end consumer. Our focus is to foster a clear language, which can be easily understood by everyone and stays true to facts. This way we build the trust of the consumer and can engage those, who would like to make a difference based on knowledge and information.

Cira Riedel, Co-founder and CEO.

The GRV Transparency Tool

The outdoor and board sport industry share a challenge. Retailers, media and consumers ask for more and better product and brand sustainability information. With the help of the GRV Transparency Tool, brands can communicate the ecological and social performance of their brand and products in a transparent and easy to understand way. Yet with enough depths of information to make a statement, compare and identify the motivation and strong points of the brand’s management towards sustainability practice, product design and its vision for the end of use scenario of the product. Read More


GRV Transparency Tool




Brand Commitment

  • Reporting
  • Natural Capital Accounting
  • Common Welfare Investment
  • Share of «environmentally friendly» Products
  • Share of «socially responsible» Products
  • Innovation
  • Credibility
  • Life Cycle Assessment
  • Progress

Brand Management

  • Integration of Sustainability
  • Certificates, Standards and Guidelines
  • Social and Environmental Responsibility
  • Design Process
  • Resource Management
  • Product Transport Strategy
  • Environmental and Social Projects
  • Event Management
  • Repair and End of Use


  • Traceability
  • Design
  • Supply Chain
  • Materials
  • Social & Environmental Management
  • Certificates, Standards and Guidelines
  • Chemical Management (PFC’s)
  • Animal Welfare
  • Product Packaging
  • Product Transport
  • Warranty
  • Maintenance & Care
  • End of Use and Recycling
  • Life Cycle Assessment

The subjects highlighted in green are the ones that changed from the version of 2018 to the GRV Transparency Tool version of 2019.

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  • The Transparency Tool by GreenroomVoice already implementing what the Higg Index currently still misses: A consumer-facing communication vehicle.
    The tool’s results are generated through an in depth interview with each individual brand, and are then reviewed by an independent expert committee.
    Of the three dimensions (A, B) and Product, the first two are evidently product-independent, and hence communicate the overall brand achievement. This then allows to compare different brands and how they perform in the sustainability/CSR space.

    Pamela Ravasio, former Head of CSR & Sustainability, European Outdoor Group
  • It is very revealing when the forward-looking companies are presenting specific products at the GreenroomVoice area at ISPO, OutDoor etc. Via benchmarking they obtain new inspiration for products and corporations. And the visitor has the possibility for a more responsible decision from an ecological point of view.

    Aiko Bode, Chief Sustainability Officer, Fenix Group
  • GreenroomVoice gives the press a comprehensive and still detailed insight in how the leading brands regarding sustainability are performing. Also, it is great that both smaller pioneering brands and large international brands are there.

    Gabriel Arthur, Editor In Chief, NORR Skandinavien-Magazin