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Travel socks made from hemp by Royal Robbins

While the outdoor industry is always looking for innovative solutions to reduce its impact on the environnement, the search for alternative to synthetics fibers leads designers to plants based fibers such as hemp for it’s amazing properties. Hemp is the oldest domesticated crop in the world, dating back 10 000 more

Who is Bleeding for Nature?

For most consumers sustainability can too often be an abstract concept. Out of sight out of mind, right? In most cases we, as consumers don’t know and definitely can’t see where our clothes come from. How can you be sure the t-shirt you are buying meets your personal standards and desires for sustainability? You more

Long Live the Product!

Norwegian outdoor brand Bergans offers an exciting new perspective to accessible sustainability and you can experience it at Globetrotter Hamburg from the 2nd to the 4th of May! We all have clothes we love and feel a connection to.  It’s what makes apparel unique and allows us to have an attachment with what we more