“The Engel Shirt was so comfortable, that I didn’t take it off! And even after 3 days of hiking it still didn’t stink. The combination between silk and merino wool is really, really soft on the skin. Engel is more known as a traditional quality underwear product, “made in Germany”. So I was really surprised, that they also produce a very functional “Engel Sport” line.”

– Jeckybeng

Greenroomvoice statement on environmental and social performance:

We have decided to show you this awesome super warm and soft underwear by a German brand called ENGEL SPORTS. They are not very well known in your usual outdoor or board sports community, since their background is very traditional underwear manufacturing, but they sure know their stuff! This shirt is manufactured from mulesing free GOTS certified organic wool, with chlorine free treatment.

Mulesing is a very painful surgical method to prevent insects to breed their maggots in the especially wrinkly merino sheep buttocks. The animal rights organization PETA is strongly against it, since there are less painful methods available. And why is chorine-free important? Chlorine is a highly reactive toxic gas, which is the common practice to treat wool to be machine-washable. So to have this alternative „plasma treatment“, as ENGEL SPORTS is using it, is good for you and the environment.

ENGEL SPORTS is a family business with sustainability in their DNA managing their company around focusing on natural organic fibers. They have a very strong relationship with their retailers and are closely involved in their supply chain. The assembly of the garments is taking place in Germany, which is a huge exception in the landscape of the textile business, with a strong focus on quality and social aspects.

The definition on social and ecological aspects is based around organic natural fibers and all ENGEL SPORTS products follow stringent guidelines. The CEO, Miss Kolompar is a founding member of the IVN, the International Association of Natural Textile Industry which stands for ecology, social responsibility, transparency, fashion and quality of textile and leather products. ENGEL SPORTS is also investigating into cruel free silk, which means, that the silkworm is not killed to recover the silk, like it is done traditionally.