PRODUCT TESTING | Salewa Eco Down Sleeping Bag

When the night is long and cold, you either need someone to cuddle or a super fluffy, warm and cosy sleeping bag to (re)-cycle around you! Made from recycled polyester and stuffed with recycled down, I can give it back to the store in the future, when I’m done with it, so it can become a sleeping bag again. Let’s close the loop!

Moritz needed a scarf but only found a sleeping bag! This super cosy fluffy neck wrap is filled with recycled down, the face-fabric made from recycled bluesign® approved polyester, produced with stringent chemical guidelines.
GreenroomVoice Statement on environmental and social performance:
A good move towards circular economy! Salewa actually tries to close it’s own material loop with this pilot project. You can literally take your down product back into a Salewa store. The down will get sorted, washed and hygienically treated in the EU to keep emissions low to then become new filling for new cosy, fluffy sleeping bags.

Down has always been a critical issue, because of controversial animal husbandry practices in the meat industry. And even though this down has still been plucked of a bird at some point, it does mean, that Salewa relies less on the virgin supply, for which they have recently adopted the Responsible Down Standard. The RDS certifies farms with good practice, excluding forced feeding for the purpose of Fois Gras.

Salewa is locally quite engaged with a strong local identity. The wellbeing and work-life balance of their staff is important to them: they have an in house child-care in their climate neutral head quarters. As a bluesign® system partner, Salewa has the possibility and willingness to increase their bluesign® approved fabrics across the complex portfolio. This means stringent chemical management, less emissions and less toxicity. Since 2013 Salewa is also a member of the Fair Wear Foundation to keep an eye on the social aspects of the supply chain.

By having reached 78% of auditing coverage in their second year of the membership, they are well above the required 60% and therefore deserve a “good” in the “FWF brand performance check”. Besides supporting numerous environmental and social projects, Salewa has recently published a sustainability report, measures the product transport emissions and puts an effort into reducing energy where possible.