Apply now for OUTDOOR SHOW 2017 – Friedrichshafen

The GRV showcase “Essence of Sustainability” will be presented at the OutDoor Show 18.-21. June 2017.

For the second year GreenroomVoice will present industry achievements in sustainability at the OutDoor Show in Friederichafen.

From the latest innovations to simple but efficient concepts, this showcase has the power to inspire positive change.

After “Circular economy” in 2016, GreenroomVoice will introduce “Essence of Sustainability”, a unique opportunity to find new materials and fresh ways of exploring the possibilities of better production processes.

The GreenroomVoice showcase has now been running for seven years at the most relevant trade shows in Europe and has established itself as a reference for the sustainability achievements of the industry.

From new comers, to established brands, makers and organizations, it is all about sharing insights, building connections and synergies.

We all care about a future, where resources are respected and used wisely, where technology can answer to modern needs of society beyond simple consumption.

In 2016, GRV presented Circular Economy #reconomy, showing many clever and efficient ideas on how to close the loop. From recycled down, to efficient and attractive down cycling, to bio-based waste re-used in new technical garments, visitors could get a sense of what is going on behind the scenes.

This year the GRV showcase will be positioned in Foyer East next to the bloggers base, close to the EOG lounge and the Outdoor Award.

Daily Guided Transparency Tours will give an interested audience a deeper understanding of the presented projects. You can keep up to date with the highlights or, if you are a brand, present your project, innovation or product in this especially designated setting.

Please contact for more information about participation.