Planning ISPO 2018?

GRV Showcase on transparent communication with a focus on wool

Show your sustainability message it in a dedicated environment to connect with your audience.

GRV and its team of experts will host the next showcase on transparent communication in Outdoor Hall A4 with a special focus on wool.

Besides companies, who would like to communicate their best practice in sustainable development, we invite those who are particularly working with wool in their portfolios.

With our new position in Hall A4 (outdoor, travel, water sports), the places will be limited this year. If your brand is interested to participate, please let us know so we will keep you updated with more details over the next weeks. You can contact us at

cones of recycled yarn.

Why Wool?

Wool becomes increasingly interesting as a material choice, lead by the consumers longing for natural fibers. Brands are looking for new material resources besides synthetic fibers to upgrade their portfolios with the kind of quality, natural fibers offer. New technologies in finishing and recycling make for an interesting environment to explore the universe of woolen fibers. Superfine qualities like merino are already widely used in our industry. This strong increase comes with a focus on animal welfare issues, provenance, supply chains etc. To answer questions around this subject and present new possibilities, for example in recycling, GRV is dedicating this upcoming showcase to the subject.

Daily Guided Tours at 11.00 am

The Daily Guided Tours have been a great success in the last years and allow interested media, universities, retailers, researchers, agencies and all curious visitors to get insight and gain deep understanding of the presented matter.
We plan to continue with the proven format by inviting two brands every day to present their poster personally to the audience.
We expect around 20-25 people at each tour. This is also a good opportunity to invite your contacts to the presentation. Setting your message into a broader context, like at our community booth, creates trust with your audience.

If you are interested in showing your information and being part of the Daily Guided Tour, please let us know.