As featured in NORR Magazine

Every season NORR chooses four similar products of their Green Partner to compare them with the GRV Transparency Tool. We look at the strong points and differences of each item and what makes them interesting from a sustainability point of view.

With wool being on our minds, we took a closer look to the mid-layers, keeping you warm and comfortable.

DALE - Hovden Sweater

BRAND MANAGEMENT * Made in Norway! * Headquarters are powered by 100% hydropower. * Dale produces almost no waste, because the knitted pieces are made to fit. * Produced in Norway, which clarifies social issues. * Good transparency, since only one supplier delivers 99.9% of the material. * In-house repair service.
COMMITMENT * The focus is on pure new quality wool from New Zealand * Guaranteed no mulesing * The goal is to neutralize transport emissions. * Very lean company structure
PRODUCT * 100% mulesing-free wool * Produced in Norway, the yarn comes from Austria * Timeless design * Very long durability due to high quality of knitting yarns (no pilling)

Bergans - Holvin Jacket

BRAND MANAGEMENT * Bergans has a code of conduct according to the guidelines the Ethical Trading Initiative Norway. * »bluesign®« system partner and “Eco-Lighthouse” certification for the headquarters. * Strategic reduction of CO2e emissions, repair service with local solutions of discarded products.
COMMITMENT * Long-term partnerships in the supply chain, strong control system in the production and support of the manufacturers in the fulfilment of the “Code of Conduct”. * Measurable ecological footprint in relation to the production of the products. * Sustainability reporting is done according to the guidelines the Ethical Trading Initiative Norway.
PRODUCT * Made in Myanmar. * 60% recycled wool mixed with 23% polyamide, 13% polyester and 4% other material. * Social justice in manufacturing is ensured by an FWF partnership of the Brand, and a BSCI certification site. * There is a strict chemical management.

Lundhags - Merino Full Zip Men’s

BRAND MANAGEMENT * Lundhags stands for tradition and quality * Products are designed for durability. * Long-term personal Relations with manufacturers stabilize the supply chain. * Five-Year plan allows in-depth knowledge of environmental impact to be gained.
COMMITMENT * Using recycled and / or or durable materials. * Social audits are conducted by Lundhags personally. * Participation in multi-stakeholder Initiatives and continuous dialogue with customers and outdoor actors.
PRODUCT * Made in Lithuania (EU) by a longtime partner. * 95% merino wool from South America mixed with 5% elastane for comfort. * There is a strict chemical management. * Guaranteed no mulesing, as the wool comes from South America. * This product is a classic that has been produced for many seasons. * Multifunctional, durable and simple.

Woolpower - Full Zip Jacket

BRAND MANAGEMENT * Made in Sweden! * The raw wool is bought directly from the manufacturer. * Strict quality, environmental and chemical management. * Production in own premises in Östersund / Sweden, which clarifies social issues. * Own repair service.
COMMITMENT * They have started to use life cycle analysis. * There is a clear focus on wool products with the corresponding know-how. * Very high degree of transparency.
PRODUCT * Made in Sweden, with a personal label from the seamstress. * 70% merino wool from Argentine Patagonia and Uruguay mixed with 30% polyamide for dimensional stability. * Guaranteed no mulesing, as the wool comes from South America. * Can be washed at 60 ° if necessary. But to save electricity, 30 ° makes sense.