GRV Transparency Tool 2018

The GRV Transparency Tool is continually updated. We always look at what is happening in regards to sustainability in the Outdoor industry to integrate new tendencies and best practice. This also means that achievements, which have been scored high in the past, might now be leveled with “state of the art”, to make room in the top ranges for the innovations and future outlooks.

Updates for GRV Transparency Tool for 2018:

Microfibre Plastic Pollution

We have added the subject of microfibre plastic pollution. For this question we have used the same methodology then the animal welfare issues. This is a text field in which we ask for the way the company deals with this issue to keep the impact as low as possible. With the answers we gather data to be formulated into more precise questions around this issue at a later stage. Brands can gain points, if they do look at the issue in a methodic way, or if they already have solutions in place- if they are concerned by this hazard.

Ecological and social view into the supply chain

We have changed the structure of some questions around supply chain management in order to make it easier to connect the subjects (like certification, etc) to the relevant process steps.

Example: When we have asked before, if the factory was audited with a specific label or certificate, we ask now, if the certification or auditing process is linked to the applicable process step and material used.


We ask more questions about transportation distances: from where to where, how and with what impact. Some brands compensate the CO2 emissions, for example so we account for that option now.