ISPO 2018: Meet Páramo

Páramo are known to be on the forefront of detoxing from PFC’s. Besides this they have a lot more to offer for the benefits of the environment.  If you are at ISPO look out for Páramo’s Commercial Director, Dr Gareth Mottram, sharing some of the lessons learned and our hopes for the future – Sunday 28 January at 15.45 at the CSR Speakers Corner, or join him on the GreenroomVoice Transparency Tour at 11am on Wednesday 31 January on our booth in hall A4 at the GreenroomVoice Showcase as part of the CSR hub.

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Sustainability is not a destination, it’s a journey.

Páramo’s began in 1992. Our founder Nick Brown developed a superior waterproof fabric without the hazardous fluorocarbons used in conventional outdoor clothing. The unique qualities of Nikwax Analogy make it longer lasting, easy to care for and kinder to the environment:


  • Guaranteed PFC-free, renewable with Nikwax® aftercare
  • Soft, but strong durable polyester fabrics
  • Easy repair with needle and thread or in our expert workshop
  • No mixed materials, coatings or taped seams to inhibit recycling

First to commit to Detox

In 2016, we became the first outdoor company to join the Greenpeace Detox commitment – working to minimise our environmental impact, improve transparency and close our production loop. Our range is 100% PFC-free and we’ve never used animal products. We design for renewal, repair and years of use.

Closing the loop

Developed in 2012, Páramo’s recycling scheme gives our robust gear the longest possible lifetime. Our goal is to close our production loop by chemically recycling used clothing into high grade polyester for new fabrics.  In 2017, we despatched our first shipment to our new chemical recycling partner – a crucial step in our sustainability journey.


In 2017, Páramo’s 10 year commitment to offsetting primary carbon emissions for our UK operation via World Land Trust, culminated in a donation to balance emissions for the last 25 years, since our foundation. Our annual donations support global conservation and regeneration projects.