ISPO 2018: Meet ZRCL

ZRCL («circle») is the streetwear label without secrets. From cultivation to sale transparent, fair, organic, carbon neutral and ecological. Each garment has its own traceability number, with which the entire production cycle can be traced. ZRCL wants to be a model, share knowledge and animated action. To have ZRCL at our GRV Showcase is a true asset, as it shows how full transparency works in real life. Visit us in hall A4 as part of the CSR Hub.

The highlight of the new collection is the seamless knit SWISS MADE edition

“Each garment of ZRCL can be traced by means of a traceability number on the entire production chain – from cultivation to sell. For the ZRCL collection we only use organically grown cotton form the bioRe® cotton projects in India and Tanzania. That means no use of pesticides and artificial fertilizers, no genetically modified crops and crop rotation for a healthy soil and biodiversity.

We use only fair trade cotton for the ZRCL collection. This means farmer will receive a guaranteed purchase of their organically grown cotton and an organic premium. We also produce in companies that are committed to fair and decent working conditions – from the gutting of the cotton and the dyeing to sewing.

For the dyeing and printing of the ZRCL collection, no toxic chemicals are used. The health of the textile workers will be protected and ZRCL garments provide excellent skin friendliness. We produce exclusively with dyers who use a controlled wastewater treatment, so the environment is not additionally burdened.

The production of the ZRCL collection is from cultivation to transport to sewing completely carbon neutral.

We compensate the carbon emissions with the construction of biogas plants and efficient cooking stoves in the growing regions of bioRe®India and Tanzania.”