ISPO 2018: Meet Salewa

We love, when innovation hits our booth! Welcome to Salewa who unites wool with cutting edge textile technology, that has been clinically proven to enhance tissue oxygen levels, improve athletic performance, sleep quality, health and wellness. Listen to them on our Guided Transparency Tour on Wednesday, the of January at 11.00 am.

Local Wool hits Cutting Edge Innovation

Our highlighted product is our recently launched innovative technology: TirolWool® Celliant®. The technology is used as insulation for many of our products. It’s made from a mix of local Tirolian wool and Celliant®, a high performing technology.

“From the mountains, for the mountains”

With a history of working with wool that dates back for generations, TirolWool® is the decision to go against the trend of global wool trading on the commodity market and instead build upon our proven experience with small, local handcraft businesses. After several years of building up a wool value chain right on our doorstep, we are proud to present wool insulation that supports smallholder Tirolean farmers, traditional alpine manufacturing, and the conservation of Tirolean Mountain sheep grazing freely on our alpine pastures. A pure mountain material – from the mountains, for the mountains.

“Support of local mountain farmers and cultural heritage”

The wool had no value before and the farmers threw it away; with the creation of the brand TirolWool®, wool is no more wasted but creates additional income for small-scale mountain farmers. This allows them a life in the mountains; an important effort to save cultural heritage in times of mountain communities that are economically forced to leave their highlands and migrate to the urban.

“Animal Welfare and Alpine Lifecycle”

Wool is usually traded in the global commodity markets, travels long distances and comes with little transparency in terms of origin. With the local sourcing of wool, we have full traceability back to the farm.

“Stay Warm Longer”

Thanks to its ability to retain heat longer, it works as good during activity as in times of rest. The insulation works to keep you dry, increasing both comfort and warmth. TirolWool® Celliant® Reflects body heat to keep you warmer, promotes blood flow for efficient thermoregulation and keeps you dry even when wet.