Aclima – Producer of the innovative merino wool garment: FleeceWool – ISPO PARTNER 2020

100% Merino wool garments made in Europe

In the 1970s synthetic fleece was introduced to the world as a wonderful innovation. Now “fleece” has become famous for shedding micro-plastics and threatening marine life and us further down the food-chain. Back in the 70s the focus was on technical performance, merino wasn’t as available as today, and new synthetic fibers seemed to be the best solution for high performance sports garments. But  now the world faces the general challenge of more quantity with less quality and the resulting pollution of our environment with micro-plastics. That begs the question: should we quit fleece for good? Yes, we could, or we could change the balance between quality and quantity in favour of quality, or we can look at natural alternatives: One is Aclima’s FleeceWool. By mixing the knowledge of forefathers with modern methods Aclima has made a new and natural product, produced with 100% merino wool, knitted, cut and brushed in a way that makes the fabric soft, insulating and extremely comfortable to wear. All Aclima products are 100 by OEKO-TEX certified.

Traceability and animal welfare

Aclima mainly focuses on merino wool that meets strict guidelines on animal welfare and quality. All wool is purchased directly from selected farms in New Zealand and Tasmania where the mulesing process has never been established. This is due to these areas not being affected by the blowfly that can harm the merino sheep. They have partners in both countries that visit the farms to ensure that the quality of the wool is at its best, and that the animals are treated well, and the shearing is performed in a humane way.

Aclima visits the farms to establish long-term relationships with suppliers throughout the whole process – from fibre to finished product.

So when you pick up an Aclima FleeceWool product you’re holding an award-winning garment made with wool from farms where the animals are treated with respect and it’s all monitored with the strictest regulations with regards to the environment.

All other fibers and yarn suppliers are nominated by Aclima, which means that Aclima has extensive control over the sustainability aspects of these suppliers.

The main part of the supply chain happens close to home. After washing the raw wool in China (as is common in industry), all further processing steps, such as dyeing, spinning, knitting, take place in the EU. Occupational health and safety laws thus meet high standards. Aclima has its own manufacturing factory in Estonia, which means 100% transparency on social and environmental issues.

About Aclima

Aclima keep people warm and dry since 1939

Aclima AS has been owned by Johansen family since 1939. Aclima AS is located in Krøderen, Norway near to the Norefjell ski resort, which is only 1 1/2 hour drive from Oslo. A fantastic area for product testing and development.

The Aclima collection covers outdoor sports activities all year, offering all necessary underwear layers and midlayers, so customers can enjoy outdoor activities feeling comfortable while doing it!

“Aclima AS has played a leading part in the Norwegian textile industry since 1939. The experience and knowledge we have gained through generations is an invaluable advantage in our continuous effort to keep people warm and dry. We know the needs that emanate from our climate and do our outmost to fulfill these needs. Underwear from Aclima has always been recognized with high quality.”

Come and meet Aclima at ISPO 2020

Sustainbility HUB – HALL A2

Representatives of brands and organisations will be there personally to speak about their projects, product and achievements. If you are curious about the latest developments in this exciting and challenging field you are welcome to join us!


Sunday 26.1.2020 : Cleandye, Dyecoo, myclimate, Nikwax, PrimaLoft®, Re:Down, R*CONCEPT

Monday 27.1.2020: American Wool, Freudenberg, Hohenstein, Südwolle Group, Textile Exchange

Tuesday 28.1.2020: Allied Feathers and Down, Bergans, Fluidsolids, HDWool, Lavalan, NZero, VAUDE

Sales: Lars Johansen, Sales Manager


Ole Magnus Halvorsen, Marketing Manager