Look behind the label and know your stuff – ISPO PARTNER 2020

An independent tool for more transparency in the textile supply chain

If you are part of a textile brand that takes traceability seriously and are looking for a way to communicate transparently to your end consumer, you might want to consider keeping an eye on the developments of kys. It’s crafted exclusively for brands, who aim to serve the demands of their conscious consumers with point of sale product information about the corresponding supply chain. It is currently in a prototype state on a natural fiber supply chain.

At point-of-sale kys aims to address the consumer directly who wants to evaluate the product’s journey and aims to offer consumers an easy access to a deeper understanding of the whole textile value chain behind the product. A QR-Code leads to a digital platform where the whole journey of the individual garment is showcased: Provenance of raw materials, i.e. farming, weaving, knitting and garment manufacturing.

With kys brands have the possibility to inform their customer on the most important steps of the supply chain, locate the different places with geotags and show environmental and social performance, if available.

Boosting transparency in the consumer’s buying decision

Know your stuff unpacks the black box of textile manufacturing steps. Every buying decision has the power to change the world – at least a little.

kys is developed by a team of transparency drivers, who have substantial experience with the complexities of textile supply chain. Right now kys is available as a prototype and aims to be available for brands to test in July 2020.

The consumer as a responsible stakeholder

More and more consumers are putting themselves in the driver’s seat of making a decision for which brand(s) they choose to support. Before they decide to buy, they consider social and ecological aspects in the making of a product. There is a strong market need for garment consumers to look behind the label.

kys wants to create an easy access to feeling good. The consumer becomes an integral part of the supply chain and therefore gains more “control” over the manufacturing process through visibility. With know your stuff, consumers are turning from a passive recipient into an active, responsible stakeholder in the production of their garment.

Come and meet Know Your Stuff at ISPO 2020

 Sustainability HUB – HALL A2

Representatives of brands and organisations will be there personally to speak about their projects, product and achievements. If you are curious about the latest developments in this exciting and challenging field you are welcome to join us!


Sunday 26.1.2020 : CleanDye, Dyecoo, myclimate, Nikwax, PrimaLoft®, Re:Down, R*CONCEPT

Monday 27.1.2020: American Wool, DuPont, Freudenberg, Hohenstein, Südwolle Group, Textile Exchange

Tuesday 28.1.2020: Allied Feathers and Down, Bergans, FluidSolids, HDWool, lavalan®, NZero, VAUDE