A new way to display sustainable performance

GreenroomVoice and loadbee are launching a new partnership to improve online communication

loadbee, a Stuttgart-based technology company, brings multimedia product content from the brands to the product detail pages in retailers’ webshops.
Together with GreenroomVoice, loadbee will help outdoor manufacturers to better present sustainability aspects of their products online, thanks to a new way to integrate comprehensive and meaningful product information.
With this partnership the most important aspects of GreenroomVoice member’s sustainability profile can be displayed directly on the products pages.

“In order to be able to shop responsibly, customers need comprehensible, verified and comparable information,” says Anna Rodewald from GreenroomVoice. She and her team describe the social and ecological actions of outdoor manufacturers in sustainability profiles on their website. Brands can now show the most important aspects of these profiles in their dealers’ online shops. Via loadbee, these are sent to the shop’s product pages as ready-to-use blocks – together with the brand’s product content. GreenroomVoice and loadbee become partners for this purpose.

Ethical values are the new benchmark

A growing awareness of the consequences of one’s own consumption increases the demand for responsibly produced goods. Ethical values ​​are the new benchmarks for customers – sustainability is becoming a sales argument. In addition to conventional purchase criteria – such as function and price – a sense of responsibility is becoming increasingly important when making a purchase decision. Most consumers do not want to cause suffering with their purchase decisions – with regard to ecological and social issues, animal welfare and climate protection. However, the information available for an informed decision is confusing and difficult to compare.

"Green claims” as self-presentation - consumers lose track of things

Eco, organic, fair – many brands would like to appear “green”. But most of these “green claims” are made in marketing departments and the green facade can crumble upon closer inspection. Other brands fail to convey their strategic and successful sustainable actions in an understandable way. Even in-house sustainability communication often fails. How should consumers find their way around? Extensive research is necessary in order to find out which organic and fair trade logos are attractive design achievements and which signets attest well-founded sustainability in which aspects.

Consumers can check which brand suits their values

GreenroomVoice lists all relevant fields of action in terms of sustainability in its sustainability profiles. At www.greenroomvoice.com all interested parties can see in which areas and on which topics outdoor manufacturers like Vaude are working on corresponding challenges and have achieved successes and milestones. But also: Which topics are the brands still working on? “We support consumers, media and retailers with verified information so that customers can decide which brand suits their values,” explains Cira Riedel, co-founder of GreenroomVoice.

Sustainability improves product presentation

“Sustainability is a selling point. Those who act responsibly can – and should – show this to their customers, ”says Carmen Renz from loadbee. Brands can use the loadbee platform to insert their sustainability profiles into the product pages of their online retail partners – together with their other product content and as ready-to-use blocks. In order to be able to offer this information in a comparable and verified format, GreenroomVoice and loadbee have started a partnership.

About loadbee

With loadbee more than 300 brand manufacturers present layout blocks with their product content on the product detail pages of more than 1,800 online stores. In this way, the brand manufacturers supplement the product information of online retailers across all industries in more than 40 countries and reach more than one million customers every day. loadbee was founded in 2013 in Stuttgart, Germany.

About GreenroomVoice

Outdoor sports brands and suppliers communicate their activities in all aspects of sustainability via GreenroomVoice Online. GreenroomVoice considers the brands as part of an extensive evaluation. The manufacturers then receive a score and a qualified sustainability profile, which, in addition to all the milestones achieved, also contains the points that are still being worked on. At www.greenroomvoice.de, interested parties can see how and to what extent the brand deals with sustainability. In this way, consumers, retailers and media representatives receive relevant information about the future viability of the brand and its product performance. GreenroomVoice was founded in Switzerland in 2012.