ISPO Munich Online 2021 – Listen to the Replay

The GreenroomVoice Interviews

Recently ISPO took place in a new digital format. GreenroomVoice has been part of the conference program and our friends can now get some vouchers to listen to the workshops and webinars that were recorded.

Of course it’s not the same as meeting you all in person, but we made the most of it. With one hour of interviews and the presentation of the ISPO sustainability achievement awards, we hope to inspire you with some insightful best practice examples.

earlybird skis & myclimate

We spoke with Hanno Schwab from earlybird skis: As a true first mover and innovator he came up with the first recyclable ski in the world. Thanks to a dissolvable epoxy-system, the compound which binds all the material together, all materials can be dissembled and recycled. This is a game-changer for the ski industry and potentially other manufacturers of products, which are made with epoxy-systems. All CO2 emissions that are created during the production and transportation of earlybird skis are also fully compensated with myclimate and are therefore climate neutral- one of the most important attributes in the 21st century in regards to preserving a liveable planet for future generations.

Re:Down & FluidSolids

In the second interview with Eric Firmann from Re:Down and Beat Karrer from FluidSolids we talk about Zero-Waste! Anyone who has visited one of our Sustainability Hub Showcases  at ISPO in the past, knows that Eric dedicates all his attention to making the most of down- a wonderful natural resource where literally nothing has to go to waste. Even the tiny broken bits and pieces, which are not usable for down products anymore are turned into certified organic fertilizer or into products made together with the Swiss organisation with FluidSolids, who manufactures natural, biodegradable composites from organic waste. It is truly: Zero-Waste!

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Happy listening!