Workshop Series “Understanding Green Claiming” Session Two

Session Two on Corporate Sustainability Reporting and Due Diligance

We can shape our future actively by every single decision we are taking today.
By coming together, supporting and adapting swiftly to the upcoming EU legislation we opt for a way through the current crisis. That means embracing uncertainty and using foresight to compliment the sustainable strategy.

Session Nr Two, on Friday the 15.10.2021 will be about Corporate Sustainability Reporting and Due Diligence.

This session is especially important for sustainability managers and people in charge of communication.

Whilst Session Nr One gave you an overview on how Europe works and what is to be expected, in this coming session we will go deeper into the actual information and give you hands on advice on how to implement.

Many companies have projects on sustainability. Ideally, the baseline of goals and kpi’s are in alignment with future EU legislation and the people in charge have an understanding on how to reach them. It is important now to have the corresponding framework in place so the way a company operates won’t have to be changed in the future.

Of course, the actual legislation hasn’t been tabled yet. But in our workshop we already give you the direction on where to go and how to do it, since about 80 % of the legislation has already been decided on and won’t change:
the overall guidelines and key points so when a company defines their sustainability strategy it has what it takes.

In Session Nr Two we will be talking about reporting as one key aspect of transparency. Reporting will be linked to taxonomy.
We will also tackle Due Diligence as the piece of legislation in which a company will have to identify their own social and environmental risks in order to create proof of mitigation towards resolving the potential challenges.

We hope that with the help of this workshop you will be able to implement what is necessary now in order to be able to adapt smoothly to a new Europe.

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