Workshop Series “Understanding Green Claims” Session Three

“COP26 needs to be decisive. Whether future generations look back at this time with admiration or despair, depends entirely on our ability to seize this moment. Lets seize it together.”
Alok Sharma COP President-Designate

Let’s get to work!

Imagine an economic landscape where there is full traceability and transparency on all ingredients that make up any product. And that these ingredients have been farmed, retrieved, recovered, recycled, reclaimed and/or extracted with no harm to biodiversity, CO2 neutral, non toxic, designed for circularity and put to use to re-build resilient communities around the world ultimately contributing to healthy and happy people and planet… Imagine that- together!

Session Three on Friday the 5th of November at 10 am

Join us for the 3rd workshop session for hand on advice and preparation for the Digital Product Passport and the Product Environmental Footprint- as part of our workshop series on “Understanding Green Claiming” a joined venture with Ohana Public Affairs.

What to expect- The Product Environmental Footprint
– An understanding of the methodology being developed.
– What kind of data needs to be prepared?
– How it could be integrated in the EU upcoming policies
– Understand current controversies around the tools and their origins

What to expect- Digital Product Passport
– What it is and how it is linked to traceability
– How to gather information along the value chain
– What kind of information will most likely be part of it (the final scope will still be defined)

This information will help you to work on your traceability strategy in alignment with the upcoming legal framework, as you will need data to back up your green claims on products.