It’s with great pleasure that we announce our presence at Outdoor by ISPO from the 12.-14. of June 2022 with the Sustainability HUB in Atrium 4 at MOC (Munich Order Center)

After the disruptive event of COVID and with geo-political tensions in Europe going on right now many of us feel the need to re-connect, exchange and concentrate on what is important to us. What better time to ask ourselves important questions like, what is the industry we want? Where are our priorities and what needs to happen in order to make them become a reality?

The SUSTAINABILITY HUB at OutDoor by ISPO is a designated area to support education, information, spark interdisciplinary discussions and create a playing field for synergies in sustainability and social innovation.

Over the years GreenroomVoice has been able to grow the numbers of brands participating as well as visitors at the Guided Transparency Tours. This reflects a growing importance and awareness of the impact and challenges related to sustainability topics in our industry.
GREENROOMVOICE will host exhibitors focussing on eco design and innovation in sustainability.

The SUSTAINABILITY HUB is the place to be, get informed and connect. Applications are now OPEN.

Our topic will be “Traceability and Transparency” …we can only handle what we know

To truly make this a landmark showcase and present where our industry is at on its journey to a sustainable outdoor business, placing importance on a focus subject is key. To chose Traceability and Transparency at this point in time has the simple reason, that in order to tackle any challenge, from climate change to waste, to biodiversity, due diligence and substantiating green claims is built on exactly that:


Without it, we don’t have the data to make decisions.
How to handle the data within the narrow path of enough information to have a solid basis and too much information for it to make sense?
How to read data in order to draw coherent conclusions?
And how to bring those conclusions towards action?

If you feel called to participate in this part of the showcase, and to truly mirror best practice in our industry, it would be valuable to support the headline by answering the following questions on your poster exhibition:

– How do you handle the traceability related to the product you are exposing?
– How transparent are you in public?
– How do you communicate responsible action to your audience?

Being part of the GreenroomVoice showcase at the SUSTAINABILITY HUB is for those who exhibit pioneer behaviour and the kind of bold action that is needed right now.

Daily Guided Transparency Tours at 11am every morning of the show

This is why people (brands, suppliers, agencies, students, bloggers, influencers, media, etc) come to see the showcase, to get informed on the latest technologies, ideas and gain understanding of what is promising a more sustainable future.
And it’s YOU, dear brands- who make it possible. We take the time to explain every poster and initiative to the audience, placing your action/product or service into a context.

Facts and Details
Where: MOC Atrium 4

Poster including print
Cost: 900,- €

Mini booth (2×2 m) including print
Cost: 2’700,- €

Optional: Communication Package

Blogpost on GRV Website: The blogposts are designed to give the showcase even more reach and make the information last beyond the physical showcase
Virtual Tour: A virtual guided tour with the information and best practice examples provided for the blogposts will be recorded and made available via and GreenroomVoice.
Newsletter: Your blogpost and the virtual guided transparency tour will be sent out in our newsletter to 1’000 industry contacts

Cost: 500,- €

For questions and inquiries, please contact us at