Podcast “New Horizons” episode 9 with Patagonia: In business to save our home planet

Welcome to a new episode of our New Horizons podcast by Globetrotter! This time we devote ourselves to the burning topic of activism. Our planet and we are suffering the consequences of decades of natural destruction. The current heatwave, water shortages, the increased risk for wild fires and the massive loss of biodiversity calls for action right here and right now. Patagonia is known for pioneering revolutionary business practice and lately for their strong political engagement. So, your host of the New Horizon show, Fabian Nendza  has invited Patagonia, represented by Mick Austermühle to the studio to hear all about just how deeply Patagonia is engaged to save our home planet! As a good example, we have also asked Ullrich Eichelmann, the well-known activist a few questions about his NGO Riverwatch, which is on the receiving end of Patagonia’s grass root activism.

This is a german podcast, so a good opportunity to practice! 🙂