GRV at ISPO 2022- The biggest Sustainability Hub ever

With 45 partners, the 2022 edition of the Sustainability Hub will be the most impactful we have ever seen. We are very happy to have such broad diversity of brands, service providers and suppliers with some selected retailers and our friends from the media.

The exciting content will deliver the most forward sustainability projects and trends of our industry. And as always, the aim of the showcase is to exhibit true innovation and preferred solutions to reduce the environmental footprint. It is not a mere display of marketing material, but informative and dense content, which gives it its educational character.
To give our audience a comprehensive overview of the vast information displayed on the showcase, we host a

Daily Guided Transparency Tour (11.00 am)

The Sustainability Hub is placed very central in the Future Lab Hall B2 which is the heart of the show. The Future Lab is the perfect arena for innovations, digital transformation and connectivity. With its curated areas, it offers an overview of innovative products, new market players, sustainability concepts and solution providers for the sports business of the future.

Our focus of this years edition of the Sustainability Hub has broadened, because the moment has come, when we need all forces combined. Two key areas are positive climate action and circularity, which obviously influence each other, as we can only achieve a reduced CO2 Footprint by choosing materials, which are fit for Circular Economy. And how do we get there? By quantifying and measuring, hence another key focus is traceability and as a result Transparency along the value chain, to enable brands but also end customers to make informed choices when buying material or final products.

Anything exciting in SUSTAINABILITY, you will find it at the HUB

Welcome to our partners within the different areas of business:

Image: lavalan


The GRV Showcase gives you a good opportunity to connect with some of the most forward and innovative raw material suppliers a brand needs to achieve its sustainability goals. 

Animal fibres are presented by Re:Down, which offers recycled down, lavalan, which is a great partner for European wool for insulation and of course Südwolle Group with the ZQ and ZQRX standard by the New Zealand Merino Company, which is the most forward tool to achieve prosperous regenerative wool farming to date.

In the bio-based category, we have Bloom, Yulex and Sicomin and in the category of circular materials, we are excited to see Sympatex and R*concept. W.L.GORE will be presenting their achievements in Transparency and Collaboration as will YKK.

Image: VAUDE


From our Brand Partners we are happy to welcome Mountain Equipment, who are showing their traceability tool the Down Codex, which was the first reliable verification tool on the market at the time of it interception. VAUDE is giving us a deeper insight into their comprehensive climate strategy and Icebug goes solar with their Vietnam Factory Roofs! Patagonia Worn Wear will be at the Sustainability Hub with their Tiny house to do on-site repairs and Bergans of Norway is presenting another circularity concept of including services within the initial product sales and earlybird skies featuring their ECOtech concept, where all skies are built with bio based and recycled materials plus they are fully circular, because the the layup of earlybird skis is fully delaminateable, all materials can therefore be recycled separately. We further welcome, Forclaz, Ternua, Mammut and NZero.

Image: myclimate @Sebastian_Eppler


There would not be a Circular Economy nor any meaningful environmental action possible without Service Providers, who give tools and frameworks, advice and support with community. 

Textile Exchange will be presenting their TackIT ™ program, which is augmenting the integrity of certified fibres and raw materials by increasing supply chain traceability. Bluesign, the full-service solutions system with a focus on sustainable chemistry will be presenting their book for their 20th anniversary. We are especially happy to welcome the The Partnership for Sustainable Textiles (PST), which is committed to a socially, ecologically and corruption- free textile and garment industry. For committed climate action there is Climate Partner and myclimate, who offer effective tools in face of the climate crisis. The Outdoor Institute is a fascinating danish case study on the ambitious Silkeborg model. It’s about including nature in every aspect of life, and on every level, aimed at using outdoor, when possible, to enhance the physical, mental and social wellbeing of the citizens. A little outside the scope of textiles, we also have Drees and Sommer on the Sustainability Hub who are Cradle to Cradle office designers. 

We also welcome Jeplan (Textile recycling), the Hohenstein Institute, Re:Sport, eBay, Iteratif, Fair Wear, NOW Partners,  Your Arbor, WeDesign and the Finnish Svanoia University of Applied Science, with a university project about new circular business models.

Image: Globetrotter


We are very happy to also have Globetrotter with “a Greener Choice” present on the showcase as a best practice in terms of transparency towards the end consumer, The Fair Cottage and 2nd Peak, another best practice example of second hand outdoor retail, which is a key piece to truly slow down consumption of new materials. 


Last but certainly not least, our friends from SUSTON magazine will be with us at the Sustainability Hub and so will EDM Publications Sporting Goods Intelligence Europe, the leading international business publication on the sporting goods market who are publishing a Circular Economy Special, hosting a panel on:

The Future of a circular apparel economy
on Monday, the 28.11.2022 at 12.00 at the Sustainability Stage