Podcast “New Horizons” Episode 11 with Eva Karlsson – Forward to Nature

For this eleventh Episode we travelled to Stockholm with Fabian Nendza with our host for the Hew Horizons Podcast by Globetrotter to meet Eva Karlsson personally in the Houdini Head office.

The CEO of Houdini Sportswear Eva Karlsson is understood as a true visionary.

She thinks in systems and takes a broader perspective on sustainability. At the center of Houdini’s philosophy is functional circularity: the collection is produced with the best available technology and circular services are offered to Houdini’s clients to enhance their lifestyles. Houdini’s actions are guided by a regular Planetary Boundary Assessment (Stockholm Resilience Center) to understand their own actions within a broader context and to make corresponding choices.

And as you will find out in this podcast, Eva has something very special and unique to bring to the table, the ability to discuss openly the most vulnerable and urgent issues pressing society and the greater business community, whilst offering optimism through efficient solutions: Design.

Eva showed us that design is a powerful answer to most of our challenges! And by design we mean more than garments, but (infra-) structures, the way we see and experience culture, and new narrative and technology supported by science. We are looking forward to many more creative encounters in 2023 and beyond!