30 Partners at the SUSTAINABILITY HUB at OutDoor by ISPO 2023

The SUSTAINABILITY HUB is set to open its doors in June (04-06) at the Atrium 3 of the Munich Order Center, showcasing a diverse array of innovative and groundbreaking initiatives, projects, products, and services aimed at promoting sustainability.

Step into the forefront of sustainability in the outdoor business. Our partners have pulled out all the stops to present you with an unparalleled showcase of posters and mini-booths highlighting the latest advancements in decarbonisation, climate action, circular economy, preferred materials, and designs.

But that’s not all – we’re thrilled to announce that the SUSTAINABILITY HUB is also home to the only stage in the entire trade fair! This is your chance to hear from some of the brightest minds in sustainable development as they share their insights and ideas on the industry’s most pressing issues.

These Brands, Organisations and Service Providers will be exhibiting

Brands: Rab & Lowe Alpine, Exped, Heimplanet, Iceberg, Jonsac, Mountain Equipment, Picture Organic Clothing, VAUDE, Billerud,
Suppliers: Re:Down, lavalan, Südwolle Group, Sympatex, Teijin, Inside Soles & Susterra
Service Providers: Blue Loops Original, Climate Partner, Hohenstein, Iterarif, myclimate, IFAT
Organisations: Green Button, Climate Fresk, EOG, It’s Great Out There, Social and Labor Convergence
Retailer: Globetrotter Ausrüstung
Media: EDM publications & Outdoor industry Compass, SUSTON

The daily GreenroomVoice Transparency Tours

Share your experience and meet pioneers. You can connect with these exhibitors personally:
Sun, June 4th, 11 am: Exped, Icebug, Iteratif, Rab & Lowe Alpine, Re:Down, Südwolle Group.
Mon, June 5th, 11 am: Globetrotter Ausrüstung, Grüner Knopf (GIZ), Hohenstein, lavalan®, Mountain Equipment, Picture Organic Clothing
Tue, June 6th, 11 am: myclimate, Sympatex, SUSTON, VAUDE

GreenroomVoice on Stage- The Speakers Corner

Sunday 4th June
15.00- 15.30 {Public Event} Speakers: Pascale Moreau- Founder of Ohana Public Affairs, Florian Tiedtke GIZ- Grüner Knopf Moderation: Anna Rodewald/GreenroomVoice & Claudia Klingelhöfer/ EDM Publications

1. What to expect from the EU strategy for more sustainable products
Join us for a birds view of upcoming and existing legislation under the EU Green Deal relevant for the Outdoor industry.
Synopsis: Pascale Moreau from Ohana Public Affairs will provide us with a birds view of what is important right now for the Outdoor Industry and how to prepare proactively in order to align with the overarching vision of the EU Green Deal. The “Grüner Knopf” is the German Initiative for more sustainable and socially sound textiles and a great example on how countries align with the EU Textile Strategy.

Sunday 4th June
15.40 – 16.10 {Public Event) Speakers: Luca Boniolo Senior Consultant at Ohana & Katarzyna Sulisz, Sustainability Policy Officer, FESI Moderation: Claudia Klingelhöfer/ EDM Publications & Anna Rodewald/ GreenroomVoice, Presented by Outdoor Industry Compass

How to design for a circular future according to the upcoming “Ecodesign for Sustainable Products Regulation” 
Join us for an introduction on the Proposal for Eco Design for Sustainable Products Regulation (EU Green Deal)
Synopsis: We will give an overview of the upcoming Ecodesign for sustainable Products Regulation, the time line and the most important key take aways as well as who to talk to in order to stay updated and understand the impact.

Last but not Least! Join us for our first Sustainability Sundowner

All the best sustainability projects are the result of collaboration, so come and join us to network with your peers and industry stakeholders at the Sustainability Sundowner, brought to you by the GreenroomVoice, in collaboration with our colleagues at the BSI, EOG, OIA, OSV, and SOG.
Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to be a part of the sustainability movement and explore the cutting-edge of innovation. Join us at the SUSTAINABILITY HUB and discover the future of sustainability!

What is being said about the SUSTAINABILITY HUB

„The Sustainability Hub at Ispo was the natural center of the fair and the Showcase presented by GRV an excellent and inspirational exhibition on what’s going on within the Sustainability and Circularity sphere. The open and welcoming atmosphere provided the perfect space for many good contacts and talks.“ Christoph Centmeyer, Bergans

„The Sustainability Hub, its activities and how it connects to the rest of the Future Lab creates a natural meeting point where all visitors can land for learning, dialogue and inspiration on crucial survival issues for business. As a sustainability professional, I view the Hub as the most important area of the show in terms of moving the industry forward.“ Joel Svedlund, Peak 63 – Outdoor Lab

“ISPO 2022 marked Sustainability no longer being an add on, but a core part of everybody’s responsibility. The dial has moved as there is now a want for better practice. For ages we have known how bad some of the actions were, but there was no clear path of how to move away from this action – just lots of ideas being trialed. The truth is that no one knows the ideal solution, but it is clear that by everyone working together this objective will be reached sooner. The Sustainability Hub organized by GreenroomVoice created the place for these discussions to happen. There were posters/ guided tours/ workshops/ presentations/ breaking brands/ the EOG Breakfast over spill – but most of all: conversations between key thought leaders.” Charles Ross, Subject Lead for Performance Sportswear Design at the Royal College of Art, UK