Podcast “New Horizons” Episode 12- With Stefan Posner

Discover in our latest “New Horizons” Episode, why PFAS, also known as “Forever Chemicals,” are a pressing issue for both the environment and human health. These chemical compounds are used in outdoor products to provide crucial properties like water, oil, and dirt repellency. Unfortunately, the majority of PFASs are non-degradable or eventually transform into stable products that still contain PFAS and can cause harm to the environment and our health.

As a result, the textile industry is facing increasing pressure from regulatory bodies and conscious consumers to replace these hazardous chemicals with alternative products that have a lower environmental impact.

In this episode, we talk with Stefan Posner, a leading independent Swedish researcher and chemist whose life’s work is instrumental in phasing out these man-made chemicals. Left unregulated, PFAS have the potential to seriously impact the health of all living beings on our planet.

Stay informed about the latest developments and research on PFAS and its impact on our environment and health. By raising awareness and taking action, we can work towards a healthier and safer future for ourselves and future generations.

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In the “New Horizons” Podcast Series, we explore the “behind the scenes” of sustainability. Sustainability is a very important topic for Globetrotter Ausrüstung and so far in this series we have talked about Circularity, Activism, Innovation, Packaging, Travelling and we have spoken to game changing personalities. Stay Tuned!