SUSTAINABILITY HUB presents: Globetrotters Re-Think Store in Bonn

Outdoor equipment retailer Globetrotter has opened it’s doors to their new Re:Think store in the Bonn Weststadt area, Germany. The concept is based on sustainability, recycling and up-cycling, with almost everything down to the smallest detail of the previous tenant’s inventory from Conrad Electronic being reused and repurposed.

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Meet Fabian Nendza from Globetrotter personally at OutDoor by ISPO 2023
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When: Monday, June 05, 2023 – 11am
Where: SUSTAINABILITY HUB/ Munich Order Center- Atrium 3- 124

In 2019, Globetrotter made a significant decision to incorporate circular economy principles into their retail spaces, establishing it as a key element of their sustainability vision and their ongoing efforts to achieve their 2025 sustainability strategy goals. Today, we witness the realisation of this commitment through the introduction of Globetrotter’s innovative Re:Think Store, exemplifying their dedication to a more sustainable future.

Radical sustainability in shop design

“The Re:Think Store is one of the most exciting experiments we have ever undertaken at Globetrotter. We wanted to make the store as sustainable as possible, and nothing is more sustainable than using materials that are already there,” said Globetrotter CEO Andreas Vogler. “The big challenge of this project was to turn an electronics store into a Globetrotter store.”

In a world where fast fashion is quickly filling our landfills, where enough garments exist to cloth at least 6 times the current world’s population. Where materials are disposable and new is easier than the creative process of using what is already in existence. Globetrotter is pushing the envelope with their new Re:Think Store concept.

Globetrotter has found an existing space, previously Conrad Electrics, and repurposed the existing structure as much as possible, furnishing it exclusively with used materials in the renovation process, with an impressive attention to detail. The retail space has been magically transformed through a thoughtful, forward-thinking vision, allowing for progress, growth, and development. We can safely assume, that this also comes with with a hugely reduced CO2 output, but to be sure, Globetrotter has commissioned EPEA (Environmental Protection Encouragement Agency) to accompany the process. The results will be available during the summer of 2023. EPEA’s goal is to establish the Cradle to Cradle® design framework for a circular economy in all industry sectors, and the Globetrotter Re:Think store is a lighthouse example.

Globetrotter’s vision of what a retail store looks like is a stellar example for the industry. Including a repair and maintenance center, a second hand buying and selling space, and with plans for an outdoor equipment rental service, Globetrotter pushes consumers to imagine a future where NEW isn’t necessarily the ONLY or BEST option. Globetrotter has also invested in a special offer line designed by Lifecycle Manager Christiane Gawlik created exclusively with discarded equipment. For inspiration you can have a look at Globetrotters Instagram.


Clubhütte, upcycling projects, live music and more...

Re:Think includes a Clubhouse, a community space dedicated to workshops and lectures, recognising that creating change takes more than space and product, but it takes an investment in community building and mentoring mindset, educating through learning and exchange.

GreenroomVoice is excited to see Globetrotter’s vision of a sustainable retail space in the Outdoor Industry come to life in Bonn. The days of needing, wanting, and being able to buy and dispose of everything, as colors change, and technology advances have long come and gone. If we are to protect our planet and our future, we need more companies to recognize the importance of a circular economy. Using and repairing what is already in the stream. Envisioning a second life for materials. Sharing ownership of equipment that we don’t each need to own through rental programs. All of this is entirely feasible, but it needs a change in mind-set and design. Whilst for decades companies have deferred to the mentally “easier process” of designing from scratch, of using virgin materials, Globetrotter’s Re:Think store is leading the charge in all these circular possibilities.

About Globetrotter Ausrüstung:

In 1979, Globetrotter opened the first “specialty store” for expeditions, survival, and trekking in Hamburg. Since then, the company has grown to become one of Europe’s largest outdoor retailers. The company name not only stands for competent advice and quality equipment in the field of outdoor and travel needs but also for sustainability. In its stores, the outdoor professional offers its customers repair services, equipment rental, and second-hand equipment, among other things. In 2023, Globetrotter is one of the top five companies in the “Resources” category of the German Sustainability Award.

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