From super textile to vegan shoes, the Fall Gear Guide 2019 with NORR

Dew covered mornings, seemingly lasting a bit longer every day, are a residue from the chilly nights before—presenting an omen of what is soon to come. As the nature prepares for winter, so too must we. The end of those long easy-going summer days doesn’t necessarily mean an end to the outdoor adventure, in fact with the following products on your side, autumn is a guarantee of new possibilities and endless experiences.

Prepare yourself with clothes you can feel good about. Each of the following options are specifically designed to be more sustainable and have been rated by us here at Greenroom Voice.

Without further ado lets dive into this year’s NORR Magazine’s fall selection!

It’s no wonder that humans have been wearing wool for over 10,000 years. Responsibly sourced wool is one of the most dynamic materials with a ridiculously broad range of applications—somewhat of a ‘super textile’! Its potential for sustainability (it can be CO2 positive!) and its ability to regulate temperature, even if it’s wet, make it an obvious autumn favorite.

As with any animal products, a possible downside of wool is the potential for animal abuse. Sweden’s Fjällräven created its Canada Wool Padded Jacket. We find this practical lumberjack style jacket  especially interesting because it is mostly made of wool. In addition, this wool is either recycled or is sourced from Sweden, where animal welfare is consistently taken into account, which is ensured by transparent traceability of the supply chain. The lining is made from a mixture of wool and PLA fibers from corn starch to keep the wool in shape.

Woolpower’s Full Zip Jacket, follows similar principles. It is sourced from Argentinian farms with whom Woolpower have a continuous relationship and can guarantee mulesing-free wool. The yarn is dyed directly and not the finished piece. This saves a lot of water and chemicals. The jacket is STANDARD 100 by Oekotex® certified, which guarantees that no harmful chemicals are found in the finished product.

These two jackets offer the technical benefits of wool and the sustainability of responsible brands. Whether your encounters with autumn are your morning surf checks in southern France, or your daily commutes to work, you can be sure of style of functionality when wearing either wool jacket.

Remaining on the topic of wool but moving a bit further south—Aclima’s Fleece Wool Joggers and Devold’s Herøy Pants also offer the aforementioned benefits of wool. The joggers are made out of 100% New Zealand merino wool and are spun, dyed and knitted within Europe to ensure short transport routes and easy oversight. The Devold pants are an excellent option for those wishing to go on some autumn and winter hiking trips, such a good option in fact, that it was awarded the ‘Scandinavian Outdoor Award’. Devold has their own code of conduct in regards to their sourcing, which is in line with the Responsible Wool Standard. The wool fabric is extremely tight knit, resulting in premium water resistance.


When sustainability meets function

Now is the time of the year, however, where one is going to need more than just a top and a pair of pants for your outdoor adventures. Don’t worry we have got you covered with some great non-wool, yet more sustainable, rain gear and accessories.

Let’s start from the ground up. Bleed Organic Clothing has just released their first shoe—the Eco4Sneaker. This shoe is the culminating piece of Bleed Clothing founder, Michael Spitzbarth’s dream for his company: create an entire eco-friendly outfit which he could wear and not feel any guilt. The shoe is put together by over forty pieces, most recycled and all vegan, with a focus on short transportation routes in order to minimize CO2 pollution. Where the average sneaker costs about 16-20kg of carbon to produce, the Eco4Sneaker costs only 3kg. Read more about Bleed’s story here.

A somewhat unfortunate, yet inescapable, aspect of outdoor living is rain. And it plays an even greater factor during autumn when, in a lot of areas, precipitation increases, and temperatures drop. Fortunately, Bergans comes prepared. Their shield Rabot 365 3L Jacket is part of the brands’ first product where they compensate for all CO2 emissions.

Now your outfit is almost complete, the only thing missing is a place to store all your goods. Patagonia’s Ultralight Black Hole® Pack 20l is your answer for an eco-friendly, low profile daypack. Made out of mostly recycled polyester and bluesign® certified nylon, the pack has partly been spin-dyed saving both water and chemicals.

Don’t let the changing environment dampen your attitude to the outdoors. Simply follow natures example and adapt using any of these sustainable products. Comfort and impressive functionality during your autumn adventures will be your reward.